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Madame Arcati
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Add or comment away; we don't need to be formally introduced! But if we know each other from Tumblr or something where you have a different username it'd be nice if you'd let me know who you are.

Most fannish posts here are unlocked; the personal stuff is locked wherever it might identify me, since I'm from a small place, talk about my health a lot, and would prefer not to destroy my hoped-for career as a children's/YA author with my occasionally very creative swearing. So my one rule is: if you're friends with both work!me and fandom!me, please don't cross the streams. Cheers!

The consuming fandom obsession of my life is the Vampire Chronicles series, and my fandom home is VC Media. I also hang out a lot at Fail Fandom Anon because I love pan-fandom and small fandom discussion; that comm is to blame for half the book recs on my Amazon wishlist.

Other things I love and will happily discuss ad nauseum include The Police (I run a Sting community on Imzy), Harry Potter, Marvel comics and movies, comics and movies in general, The Dark Tower, The Stone Dance of the Chameleon, A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, Terminator and Battlestar Galactica. I collect old children's books, particularly 70s and 80s Puffins, and I'm especially interested in fantastical children's literature. I'm a language, folklore, mythology and history geek and I sometimes resort to cat picspam when post inspiration is lacking.

and I are currently on hiatus in our epic Jonathan Creek rewatch/recapping spree, but hopefully it will return when we've got the energy.

Me around the internet:

- I cross-post from Dreamwidth to this account; friend/comment in either place or both according to what suits you.
- I tweet but no longer tumbl from my personal account; now I just have an admin Tumblr to run my theme blogs there: the-october-country, where I collect autumnal things; and its counterpart, now-winter-comes-slowly, plus some chronically neglected fandom blogs about Phil Rickman's books and adaptations, The Last Kingdom TV/book series, The Stone Dance of the Chameleon and Cry to Heaven.

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